Penetration Testing


Penetration testing or ‘pen testing’, is a type of “controlled hacking”, in which we will scan your systems for finding security vulnerabilities.

We’ll mimic the techniques used by criminals, in a safe way, to detect weaknesses in your apps and networks, that criminals could exploit.

Our penetration testing service allows you to rest assured, knowing that your mobile apps, websites and web applications are as secure as possible.

So if it’s peace of mind you’re after, then you’re in the right place.

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Our Expertise

IDP Cyber’s Penetration Testing team defend your systems against attacks to ensure that your data always remains secure. We provide penetration testing for mobile applications, web applications and websites.

We offer a range of services from comprehensive application testing to infrastructure penetration testing which can help you avoid future data breaches. Optional features include: infrastructure testing, application testing, web application testing, firewall ruleset and configuration review, and red teaming.

Does my business need pen testing?

Penetration testing proves particularly useful to companies that are deploying new infrastructures, operating systems or apps. Our penetration testing services are available for SMEs and medium-large enterprises alike.

As an SME it may be that you lack the time, staffing capacity or experience to ensure that your basic systems are secure. This is where IDP can help. Our dedicated team will help you increase security across user applications, mobile applications and websites, no matter what industry you’re in. Notably, industries in high regulated environments such as Finance, Insurance, Health and Pharma, may benefit from Pen Testing to the highest extent.

Why pen testing is important

But what are the benefits of penetration testing? From rapid detection and effective management of threats, to the implementation of a streamlined security strategy, IDP will help protect your company’s reputation. Below we’ve listed some of the main benefits of pen testing:

  • Ability to isolate and remove any affected system if required.
  • Management of incidents, threats and tactics used by threat actors.
  • Defined security strategy and roadmap
  • Aligned with industry best practice
  • Rapid time to value realisation.
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Why Choose us?

There are hundreds of pen testing companies out there; what makes us so special?

Penetration Testing for all Platforms

IDP Cyber offer penetration testing for all platforms, including web applications, mobile apps and websites. So we can offer you an effective solution, for whichever platform you’re focussing on.


Penetration Testing for all Industries

We provide penetration testing for a range of industries including pharma, insurance, retail banking, energy and utility. So if you work in a high-regulated environment, you can rest assured knowing that we have a proven track record of providing successful security solutions.


Penetration Testing for Organisations in any Location

Finally, our services are available to organisations in any location. Although our head office is in the UK, our penetration testing services extend globally.


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