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Identity governance is a subcategory of access control and identity management which complies with regulatory requirements. Our identity governance solutions manage both internal and external individuals; that is employees and customers. By implementing identity governance management solutions, you’ll feel at ease, knowing your sensitive data is protected.

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Our Expertise

IDP Cyber’s knowledge of compliance requirements and access management will deliver an effective identity management and governance platform.  This will provide your business with better visibility regarding who is accessing what and when.

We can help you successfully demonstrate compliance through a range of features including access certification, workflow automation and entitlement management.  Through careful logs on access and permissions, you can stay in government compliance and improve user productivity.

Does your business need identity governance?

Identity governance management proves particularly useful to companies wanting to increase visibility around both internal and external user activity.  IDP assists both SMEs and larger enterprises track their user activity.

As an SME for example, it may be that you lack the time, staffing capacity or experience to track this activity. This is where IDP can help.  Our dedicated team will help you no matter what industry you’re in.  Notably, industries in high regulated environments such as Finance, Insurance, Health and Pharmaceutical, may benefit from identity governance management to the highest extent.

Due to the nature of this solution (monitoring both internal and external user activity), this service also lends itself to eCommerce businesses.

5 Reasons you need identity governance & access management

Identity governance eliminates error-prone, manual processes, increases efficiency and adds value to your business, among other benefits including:

  • Provides integrated role and user administration and improve user productivity.
  • Closed-loop remediation through integrated identity administration and analytics.
  • Enforceable policies for granting access.
  • Detect policy violations based on defined rules and policies.
  • Ensure that exceptions to violations are re-evaluated periodically.
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Why Choose us?

There are hundreds of cyber security companies out there; what makes us so special?

Identity Governance for all Business Needs

IDP Cyber offers identity governance solutions tailored to your business’ needs. With features including identity lifecycle management, access management and segregation of duties management, your accounts are in the safest hands.


Identity Governance for a Range of Industries

We provide identity governance solutions for a range of industries including pharmaceutical, eCommerce, insurance, retail banking, energy, and utility. So if you work in a high-regulated environment, you can rest assured knowing that we have a proven track record of providing successful security solutions.


Identity Governance for Organisations in any Location

Finally, our services are available to businesses situated in any location. Although our head office is in the UK, our identity governance services extend globally.


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