Under pressure to quickly respond to legal matters and regulatory requests? The eDiscovery Platform is designed for you.

We take speed to resolution seriously and have designed a simple, intuitive interface for customers that take it seriously too.

Lawsuits, corporate investigations, and regulatory audits are rapidly increasing and as a result, companies are struggling to control skyrocketing electronic discovery costs. The amount of electronically stored information is also increasing.

More than 90 percent of new business records are created electronically, and 40 percent of them are never converted to paper.

The net result: companies are struggling to control skyrocketing electronic discovery costs and to complete investigations with existing resources.

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Our Expertise

The traditional approach of using multiple, disparate tools to conduct electronic discovery, spending days processing all the data and weeks conducting review is slow, expensive, and risky. Companies need a new approach that allows them to address the electronic discovery challenge by working smarter, not harder.

Companies today require a new level of visibility and control earlier in the electronic discovery process. This capability would allow companies to accelerate early case assessments, intelligently cull down data, increase reviewer productivity, and ensure the defensibility of their electronic discovery process.

Numerous Fortune 500 companies, law firms, and government agencies have benefited from faster decision making and significant cost reductions by centrally managing all of their cases using the Veritas™ eDiscovery Platform.

Does my business need eDiscovery?

eDiscovery proves particularly useful to companies that are deploying new infrastructures, operating systems or apps.

Our eDiscovery services are available for SMEs and medium-large enterprises alike.

Our dedicated team will help you locate relevant documents and communications, and uncover critical evidence, no matter what industry you’re in.  Notably, industries in high regulated environments such as Finance, Insurance, Health and Pharama, may benefit from eDiscovery to the highest extent.

Why eDiscovery is important

But what are the benefits of eDiscovery? From increased defensibility to reduction of manual processes, IDP can help your systems achieve quick deployment. Below we’ve listed some of the main benefits of eDiscovery:

  • Accelerate early case assessments
  • Cull data by up to 90%
  • Trigger advanced analytics and machine learning to uncover critical evidence
  • Perform faster reviews of items discovered
  • Deploy a single solution across the entire eDiscovery lifecycle, from legal hold and collections to analysis, review and production
  • Reduce the number of electronic discovery tools
  • Easily map your entire data landscape to locate relevant documents and communications
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Why Choose us?

There are hundreds of cyber security companies out there; what makes us so special?

eDiscovery to Improve Accuracy, Speed & Efficiency

We offer the most advanced analytics and machine learning to ensure to improve the accuracy, speed and efficiency of all your systems.


eDiscovery for a Range of Industries

We provide eDiscovery for a range of industries including pharmaceutical, insurance, retail banking, energy and utility. So if you work in a high-regulated environment, you can rest assured knowing that we have a proven track record of providing successful security solutions.


eDiscovery for Organisations in any Location

Finally, our services are available to organisations in any location. Although our head office is in the UK, our eDiscovery services extend globally.


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