Data Loss Prevention


Data Loss Prevention is a solution which ensures that end users do not send sensitive or critical information outside their corporate network. Simply put, this strategy detects, monitors and protects your business’s confidential data.

Our data loss prevention solutions enable you to rest at ease, knowing your critical data is protected at all costs.

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Our Expertise

IDPs Data Loss Prevention solutions are designed for both security and compliance requirements. The solution leverages global security vendor technology which means it can be tailored to your specific requirements – whether that’s cloud, on-premises or hybrid.

Our Data Loss Prevention solution uses the most advanced content-aware detection techniques which protect your data from being jeopardised in real-time. Some of these techniques include: describe content matching, exact data matching, indexed document matching, vector machine learning, and sensitive image recognition.

Does my business need Data Loss Prevention?

Data Loss Prevention solutions prove particularly useful to companies that are deploying new infrastructures, operating systems or apps. This service is aimed at medium and large-sized enterprises that need to protect their critical information from both internal and external factors.

Our dedicated team will help you define your data loss prevention implementation plan. This plan will enable you to protect your sensitive information, prevent data jeopardisation and loss across any desktop device or system, no matter what industry you’re in. Notably, industries in high regulated environments such as Finance, Insurance, Health and Pharmaceutical, may benefit from Data Loss Prevention to the highest extent.

Why Data Loss Prevention is important

The platform will protect your sensitive data, drive efficiencies and reduce costs in your unstructured data environment. Other benefits of Data Loss Prevention include:

  • Control data protection via Email, Web, Cloud, Storage or Endpoint.
  • Fewer false positives with IDP Cybers consultants with years of experience. Single console for policy management, incident response, reporting and administration.
  • Policy across multiple channels giving broadest coverage and increased consistency.
  • Broad integration for user behaviour, encryption, data classification, rights management.
  • Automate governance through workflows and customisation.
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Why Choose us?

There are hundreds of cybersecurity companies out there; what makes us special?

Data Loss Prevention Solutions for all Business Needs

Firstly, IDP Cyber offers a large range of Data Loss Prevention solutions tailored to your business’ needs. With a huge selection of features including vector machine learning, indexed document matching and sensitive image recognition, you can rest at ease knowing your accounts are in the safest hands.


Data Loss Prevention Solutions for a Range of industries

We provide Data Loss Prevention solutions for a range of industries including pharmaceutical, insurance, retail banking, energy and utility. So if you work in a high-regulated environment, you can rest assured knowing that we have a proven track record of providing successful security solutions.


Data Loss Prevention Solutions for Organisations in any Location

Finally, our services are available to businesses situated in any location. Although our head office is in the UK, our Data Loss Prevention services extend globally.


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